Intermediate Grommet Surfing Lessons

Intermediate - Grommet

Surfing can be a bit over whelming and intimidating for grommets when they're "out there" surfing amongst the crowd. That is why we have incorporated grommet surfing sessions.

The sessions allow grommets to build their self confidence in the water and fine tune their techniques, whilst surfing in a fun, safe environment.

With personal instruction from Wayne you will learn to surf the best surf break of the day with our intermediate sessions. You’ll finish the session with all the correct techniques on how to complete basic manoeuvres like bottom turns, top turn and cutbacks. You’ll also be taught how to duck-dive, read a wave, select and catch the right waves and how to stand firmly using your body weight. You’ll learn all this and much more in our intermediate lessons plus you’ll be ready for more advanced manoeuvres like floaters, re-entries and snaps. This is when surfing really starts to become even more fun.

Many of the grommets started out in our Learn To Surf Lessons and have now progressed well beyond the beginner stage. Grommets are encouraged to use their own equipment but if you don't have a board or wetsuit, we will provide these for you.

If you want to know more about these sessions, please contact us.