Intermediate Men’s Surfing Lessons

Intermediate - Men

Intermediate lessons with Port Macquarie Surf School will cater for the surfers who already know the basics, have their own equipment and want to hone their technique even further.

This is especially relevant if you’re planning a special surfing trip and definitely don’t want to waste waves while you’re there!!!

With personal instruction from Grant Hudson you will surf the best surf break of the day with our intermediate sessions. You’ll finish the session with all the correct techniques on how to complete basic manoeuvres like bottom turns, top turn and cutbacks. You’ll also be taught how to duck-dive, read a wave, select and catch the right waves and how to stand firmly using your body weight. You’ll learn all this and much more in our intermediate lessons plus you’ll be ready for more advanced manoeuvres like floaters, re-entries and snaps. This is when surfing really starts to become even more fun.

For your convenience, these lessons are also held after school, after work and on weekends. This way we can cater for school students as well as “older” surfers who want to accelerate their surfing up to the next level.