Surf Groms

Surf Groms


Vegemite SurfGroms is a national junior development program for 5-12yr olds that encourages kids to participate in surfing around Australia. Vegemite SurfGroms is the first cutting-edge national junior participation program, never before done anywhere in the world!

Registration for SurfGroms is completely online with Surfing Australia setting up an amazing national website but we're happy for you to contact us and we will assist you with booking your child into this amazing program.

Surf conditions, etiquette, first aid, and basic surf rescue skills have all been incorporated into the Vegemite SurfGroms program. Before any Vegemite SurfGrom receives a completion certificate and their graded wristband for each level, they must have successfully demonstrated all of the relevant ocean awareness and beach safety skills.

Every participant receives a free Quiksilver backpack containing the following Quiksilver products: T-shirt, Rash Vest and Hat. The pack also contains Wahu beach toys, and a tube of Vegemite.

Whilst 5 year olds are still developing fundamental movements such as balance, agility and coordination; 12 year olds are far more developed both mentally and physically, requiring a different approach when learning new skills.
Vegemite SurfGroms incorporates the following two age categories:

• MiniGroms (5-8 years old)
• SuperGroms (9-12 years old)

Although both categories work towards the same skill levels and objectives, a different learning approach can be taken for MiniGroms and SuperGroms.

Vegemite SurfGroms feature 5 distinct skill levels, each with its own set of objectives and goals. Each level needs to be achieved before moving onto the next.

Throughout the Vegemite SurfGroms program and each of the 5 skill levels, there is a significant focus on Ocean Awareness and Beach Safety.

Port Macquarie Surf School have been running Vegemite Surf Grom programs in the Port Macquarie area since the inception of this national junior development course in 2011.

Christmas Holiday programs and Summer 2013 programs can be found on